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Cycles and micromobility industries

Bikes are just bikes, right?  Not with Faction Bike Studio. 


Nowadays, bikes, scooters and cargo bikes are carrying people and goods in a healty, fun, efficient and sustainable way. Each type of bike has its own challenges, personality and capability of catering to specific needs within the market place. This is why we treat each project with the dedication and respect it deserves, based on our own experience.



Bicycles have been available for more than 200 years and if we continue making them better, more reliable, more attractive and affordable for everyone, they will continue for another 200 years. With Faction Bike, this is our daily reality.



This is the future of the industry, combining human strength with technological ingenuity. E-Bikes are growing in popularity, as they become more reliable and easier to use. Together, we can realize the future.



Shared bikes, scooters, cargo bikes: new transportation solutions for our urban lives.



To win triathlon, track or DH races, we make use of all our know-how, skills, network and technologies for you.  We design and optimize the fastest bikes.



We envision bikes as systems, and components are essential parts of those systems. Don’t stop innovating just because you don’t find the right components. We can design them for you.

Our Services

Faction Bike Studio : Redefining True Bike Projects

For us, creating a new 2-wheel, whether it is a bicycle, a scooter or an e-bike, is a complete project that must be based on market needs, adapted to new technologies, exceed performance expectations and offer original design while remaining cost efficient. It is a long road filled with challenges.


With Faction Bike’s unique 5-Step Road-to-Success Program and Far Beyond Technology Lab, you can face each challenge and reach a successful destination...every single time.



Our Services

Faction Bike is no ordinary design and engineering firm. Our goal is to make your project a complete success by supporting you from the moment you imagine your bike to long after it is being manufactured. Not only we design products from the ground up, but we also offer you specific services tailored to your needs:

  • Ergonomics & suspension kinematics to make your bike perform and feel good.
  • Industrial design to make your bike look as good at it performs.
  • Our fast-track troubleshooting service that uses all our experts, skills, data, experience and technologies to solve your issues: production, quality, reliability, testing, engineering, field failures, etc.
  • Our renowned finite element analysis (FEA) service. To predict where, when and why it will break. To solve issues and test solutions even before you invest in tooling and prototypes.
  • Our development test service based on field or lab data acquisition and proprietary load cases. Special and non standard protocols. We’ll test what other labs can’t test.
  • Our Faction Bike+ Services go even further in our goal of bringing your project to success through additional services such as manufacturing, quality, mechatronics and graphic design.

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You decide, you control, you succeed

Our goal has always been to perfectly merge our work with client’s needs, expectations and dreams. We offer you a team of highly experienced and dedicated designers, technicians and engineers. Our team will work with your team and support you at any or all of your development steps.

For our client and thus for us, the goal will always be First: To Succeed.

Road to success services

Creating or even improving a bike is a project that begins long before it is manufactured and ends long after. It is a long road filled with challenges. With Faction Bike’s unique Five-Step Road-to-Success Program, you can face each challenge and reach a successful destination... every single time.


  • Clarify client's and end-users needs.
  • Analyze the competition.
  • Look for technologies
  • Search for patents & prior art.
  • Define project objectives.
  • Define required tasks.
  • Estimate development budget.
  • Define schedule.

  • Clarify the design vision.
  • Complete product specifications.
  • Define anthropometric data of end-users.
  • Define ergonomics and frame geometry.
  • Specify components.
  • Optimize the suspension kinematic.


  • Make the 3D lay-out to solve issues upfront.
  • Engineer suspension pivots & specify bearings.
  • Define styling.
  • 3D detailed design.
  • Detailed Design Check.
  • Topological, tube shape, thickness and carbon lay-up optimization.
  • Validation with Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • Validation with Computational fluid dynamics (CFD/wind tunnel).
  • Bill of material (BOM).
  • Technical drawings.

  • Hand-off package and meeting at the factory.
  • Faction checks & approves 3D & 2D production drawings.
  • Graphic design.
  • Produce and check the mock-up.
  • Final tooling & unit costs quote by manufacturer.

  • Conformity inspection of prototypes.
  • Lab & field testing with data acquisition.
  • Suspension calibration.
  • Troubleshooting & fine-tuning.
  • Review and optimization of the manufacturing at the factory.


Claiming we have experience and knowledge is easy. Creating genuine added-value to a bike project and ensuring its success is not. This requires the most advanced and industry-specific technologies, tools and techniques.

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Cycles and micromobility  industries are international and so are we. Faction Bike has clients, partners and suppliers in many countries. We work around the world, deliver around the world, succeed around the world since 2010.

“Since 2010”

“196 bike projects”

“66 clients”

Faction bike +

Based on our vast experience and on the latest technologies, we optimize product cost, manufacturing, and we prevent, control and solve quality issues.


Faction Bike + offers you the benefit of our network of hand-picked, highly qualified partners to provide you complete products.




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