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We are continuously developing original, inhouse, unique Far Beyond Technologies that only our clients benefit from.

01- Physical testing

02- Bike dynamics optimization

03- Conceptual optimization

04- Validation FEA

05- Aerodynamic validation

06- Composite optimization


Physical testing

  • Frame and fork stiffness measurement.
  • Performance test lab.
  • Strain gauge data acquisition.
  • Suspension data acquisition and suspension calibration.
  • Material characterization: Composite-material property assessment and aluminum fatigue curves.

Bike dynamics optimization

  • Rider fitment strategy.
  • Rider centric frame geometry considering components.
  • Demographic study, statistical data based on gender, age and region.
  • Frame sizing strategy.
  • Rider CG measurement.
  • Rider position validation.
  • Suspension kinematic optimization.
  • Dynamic motion analysis.
  • Suspension data acquisition and suspension calibration.

Conceptual optimization

  • Load case definition: Go beyond ISO testing. We continuously seek to understand real life load conditions.
  • Topological optimization.
  • Shape optimization.
  • Freesize optimization.
  • CFD Aerodynamic optimization.

Validation FEA

  • Static Finite Element Analysis.
  • Non-linear Finite Element Analysis.
  • Impact (explicit) Finite Element Analysis.
  • Composite, plastic and metallic materials.
  • Weld fatigue life prediction.

Aerodynamic validation

  • Aerodynamic optimization.
  • Computerized Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis.

Composite optimization

  • Multiple load cases optimization of composite lay-up.
  • Optimization for cost and manufacturing constraints.
  • Optimized composite ply book.

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