Far beyond technology

We are continuously developing original, inhouse, unique Far Beyond Technologies that only our clients benefit from.

01- Physical and lab testing

02- Bike dynamics optimization

03- Structural optimization

04- Finite Element Analysis

05- Aerodynamic validation

06- Composite optimization


Physical and lab testing

  • To gather field data and improve design upfront.
  • To validate performance.
  • To characterize bikes and materials.
  • To trouble shoot based on data.

Bike dynamics optimization

  • Prototypes.
  • To measure suspension performance.
  • To improve the rider experience based on data.
  • To optimize frame sizing.

Structural optimization

  • To reduce cost and weight.
  • While maintaining strength and reliability.

Finite Element Analysis

  • To predict where, when and why it will break.
  • To solve issues and test solutions before you invest in tooling and prototypes.

Aerodynamic validation

  • Aerodynamic optimization.
  • Computerized Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis.
  • Wind tunnel testing.
  • To manage heat dissipation.
  • To reduce air resistance.

Composite optimization

  • To optimize weight vs. cost.

  • While maintaining stiffness, strength, and reliability.


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