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Bikes are bikes, right? Not with Faction Bike Studio. Each type of bike has its own challenge, personality and capability of catering to specific needs within the market place. This is why we treat each bike with the dedication and respect it deserves, based on our own experience.



Bicycles have been available for more than 200 years and if we continue making them better, more reliable, more attractive and affordable for everyone, they will continue for another 200 years. With Faction Bike, this is our daily reality.



This is the future of the industry, combining human strength with technological ingenuity. E-Bikes are growing in popularity, as they become more reliable and easier to use. Together, we can realize the future.



We envision bikes as systems, and components are essential parts of those systems. Don’t stop innovating just because you don’t find the right components. We can design them for you.

About us

Faction Bike Studio : Redefining True Bike Projects

The international bike industry is evolving rapidly and to be successful, businesses must be fully prepared to adapt quickly. For us, creating a new bike, whether it is a bicycle, motorcycle or an e-bike is a complete project that must be based on market needs, adapted to new technologies, exceed performance expectations and offer original designs while remaining cost efficient.


Is this really possible? It definitely is with Faction Bike and its unique Cycles Systems Challenging Project Enhancement.



What are Cycles Systems Challenging Project Enhancement Services?

Faction Bike is no ordinary design and engineering firm. Our goal is to make your bike a complete success by supporting you through every step of the journey. Cycles Systems Challenging Project Enhancement offers you the following.

  • Our unique Road to Success Services incorporating a complete Five-step Project Enhancement Program supporting you from the moment you imagine your bike to long after it is being manufactured efficiently.
  • Our exceptional Far Beyond Technology encompassing all six of our in-house technological techniques, tools and developments to ensure each bike is made to perfection.
  • Our Faction Bike+ Services go even further in our goal of bringing your project to success through additional services such as quality assurance, training and turnkey projects.
  • Our product specific knowledge and experience for all 2-Wheel Industries, including bicycles, motorcycles and e-bikes
  • Our Success Around the World with satisfied clients on every continent.

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Success and quality from the very start

Faction Bike founders, Érick Auger and Martin Portelance, have been active in bike enhancement for over 20 years. Their goal has always been to perfectly merge their bike designs with their client’s needs, expectations and dreams.


Finding a capable firm ready to offer complete, integrated, high-quality bike enhancement services proved to be extremely difficult. By creating Faction Bike Studio, a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, the two wheel industry has access to what they so clearly deserve.

For our client and thus for us, the goal will always be First: To Succeed.

Road to success services

Creating or even improving a bike is a project that begins long before it is manufactured and ends long after. It is a long road filled with challenges. With Faction Bike’s unique Five-Step Road-to-Success Program, you can face each challenge and reach a successful destination...every single time.

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Claiming we have experience and knowledge is easy. Creating genuine added-value to a bike project and ensuring its success is not. This requires the most advanced and industry-specific technologies, tools and techniques.

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The two wheel industry is international and so are we. Faction Bike has clients, partners and suppliers in many countries. We work around the world, deliver around the world, succeed around the world.

“165 bike projects”

“60 clients”

“North America : 50%”

“Europe : 28%”

“Asia : 22%”

Faction bike +

Based on our vast experience and on the latest technologies, we optimize product cost, manufacturing, and we prevent, control and solve quality issues.


Faction Bike + offers you the benefit of our network of hand-picked, highly qualified partners to provide you complete products.




Quality Assurance


Turnkey Projects


Technical Training